Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shoe Organizer for Closet Clutter

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I love organization.  I can't control a lot in life, but I like to maintain the illusion that I at least have a miniscule amount of control over the amount of clutter in the house, and where it resides.  When I saw this idea on pinterest, I was on amazon pricing out shoe organizers faster than you could say "Boo!".

I have one little cabinet above my compact desk, and until I found this, it was a health hazard to sit under due to the ever impending possibility of a massive clutter landslide landing on my head.  It had everything from spare car keys, remotes, scissors, measuring tapes, ribbon, all precariously perched there above my head in a 3' by 2' cabinet.  Not to mention enough old magazines to keep a doctors office waiting room quite happy.

This is so simple.  Buy one over the door shoe organizer with clear pockets.  Hang it on the inside of any door.  This one happens to hang inside our downstairs hall closet, which has been converted into an overflow pantry (got to love couponing stock piles!).  It is practically in the kitchen, so it is convenient.  I used three pieces of velcro and put it on the back of the bottom of the organizer and fastened it to the door, that way it would not swing when the door was opened and closed.  And Voila!  You have 24 glorious pockets in which to stash whatever clutter your heart desires.  In our case, we store office supplies, packs of gum, candy bars left from Easter, kids coloring stuff, MiO drink flavoring, and even misc. remote controls.  You get the picture though, anything small enough to be annoying because it never has a proper home goes perfect in this.

Give it a try, you will feel less cluttered and organized in minutes.


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