Saturday, July 28, 2012

PSA: Hands Only CPR and Infant/Child Choking

Pin It Now! Goodness forbid that the unthinkable happened and someone you knew or didn't know for that matter needed CPR.  Do you know it?  If you are not CPR certified, I highly recommend it, particularly if you have kids.  If you are not certified, here is a video that explains how to do hands only CPR, which has been shown to be effective in circulating blood and oxygen until more experienced rescuers arrive.  This video is only a minute long, and could save a life.

Just two easy steps:

1) Call 911
2) Push hard and fast at the center of the chest.

I have been CPR certified for 12 years, and I think it is the most valuable thing you can learn, that you hope you never have to use.  

Another valuable thing is how to aid a choking infant.  I worry about this all the time because my toddler seems incapable of keeping his finger food at his table and away from his 11 month old brother, who still can't do anything more solid than baby food puree, not for lack of us trying.  See the video below for instruction on how to help an infant:

For infant CPR, check out this video from "The Dr's" television show, very informative:

Lastly, here is how to help a choking toddler, and child CPR. I know this is a lot of info, but it is well worth knowing:

Choking child:

Child CPR:

If you want to find a class, the American Heart Association gives online courses, and then you can take the practical exam at a facility in your city that offers it.  I did this for my recertification.  Super easy, I took the online written portion, printed out the certificate, made an appointment at a local buisness that provides the practical examination, went during my appointment time, did the practical hands on exam, got my certification card right then and there.

Nothing is better than piece of mind, and knowing you have the knowledge to help save a life.

More information on hands only CPR and CPR certification can be found at:

American Heart Association


American Red Cross

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