Toddler Tales

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I invite all those with kids to add their favorite kids quotes in the comments section.  The things that come out of a kids mouth should be forever immortalized.
  • While standing in his room one morning:
    • "Mommy I have to pee!  Mommy I have to pee!...Oh!.... I peed!" 
  • After three hours upstairs for a nap (in which he sang, danced and did everything but sleep):
    • "Mommy...I so tired, I want to take a nap."--Really?!?!?!?

  • Daddy--"If you don't get down I am going to eat your belly."
    Toddler--"Are you hungry daddy?" (Then proceeds to do what he was not supposed to do)
    Daddy eats belly.  Toddler squeals and laughs and says "Stop eating my belly!!"
    After he is done--"Daddy, are you full?"
    Repeat process.
  •  Mommy--"Aww, come give me a hug sweetie (to toddler)"  
    • Toddler--"Ok, Mommy!"
    • Mommy--"I love you sweetie"
    • Toddler--"I love you too mommy!  Can we be done now?  I'm Busy."--Well it was good while it lasted!  Sorry to keep him from his busy schedule of Phineas and Ferb watching
  • "Mommy, can I have a hair cut so I can be handsome like daddy?"

    • Toddler walking in circles says "I fartin', I fartin'!  Do you see my butt?  I fartin'! Can you smell it??" 
    • Caught my son climbing into a build in laundry hamper in his closet.  I yell, "What are you doing?!?!?!"  He replies: "I busted, I busted, I busted!"  with a huge smile on his face...


    Hyper In A Diaper

    Mommy's Swim Diaper Fail Times Two


    1. Toddler runs in to the bathroom saying he has to go poo poo.

      Toddler - "Mommy - poopin'. Huge poop"
      Mommy - "Yes, honey - huge poop"
      Toddler - "Show Daddy!"

    2. MOM: hey look hunny deer!
      Child: Mommy... wheres the the rain deer?
      Mom: Um well there isnt any here...
      Child: MOM! its raining out... so why are thay not here...????
      MOM: STUND! lol

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