Friday, June 22, 2012

Mini Apple Pies

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To make up for the epic caramel apple fail today, I can happily report that my practice run of doing mini apple pies, everything from scratch, turned out wayyyyyy too tasty for their own good.  I wish I wasn't on a diet...I would have eaten them all.

These are made in a muffin pan.  The crust came out flaky, buttery, light, airy, and oh so sinful.  The double pie crust ones have a sprinkle of turbinado sugar on them that makes them a little crunchy and a bit sparkly when they are done.  The others had an oatmeal-brown sugar crumb topping...heavenly!

This was a total win.  I may even make these for Liam's birthday party instead of cupcakes.  I am also toying around with the fillings.  Next one should be boysenberry I am thinking.

These were so fun to make, and I got to make them with my sister Emily, so it is always nice to have some quality sister time.  She even got an impromptu lesson in baking.  I am sure she was excited about that (or not).

Bonus--My house smells SOOOO good right now...cinnamon, sugar, all spice, nutmeg, caramel...cant go wrong.

Oh yea, I had extra filling and crust, but not enough to make a bunch more cupcake size ones, so I grabbed little ramikins, and make slightly larger (Ok, maybe twice as big) pies.  Both have the crust on the bottom, and each has the different topping as you can see.  Daddy was a good sport and jumped off the diet bandwagon to support his wife, and happily enjoyed the crumb topping pie.  I think it went over OK judging by the empty bowl that was left :)


  1. Having had the opportunity to try one of these last night (thanks Lindsay!) I can confirm they were outstanding! Looking forward to a berry version some day (hint, hint).

  2. I received the mini apple pies this afternoon at your parents--and did everything I could to keep Chris from touching them in the car until we at least got dinner. They were gone within 15min of getting home. So delicious! The apples were perfect! This is definitely a keeper =D Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

    1. I am glad they went over well! Thanks for naming the blog!!!!


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