Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hyper in a Diaper

Pin It Now! ....No, I am not talking about me. This would be my almost three year old son. He goes faster than the speed of light, and does not stop. I love the kid to pieces, but he can be so frustrating sometimes. For instance, when we put him down for a nap, and after two hours of him up in his room singing every song he as learned at preschool at the top of his lungs (and may I say, he has quite a repertoire of songs), he comes down stairs and the first thing he says is "Mommy...I so tired. I want to take a nap." Seriously?!?! Really kid? What do you think was supposed to be happening the last two hours? Frankly, it is insulting.

Today though, he displayed just how talented he is. After a battle of wills over him wanting to change his own diaper, I finally said "whatever" and let him. It was sheer comedy. He ever so nicely takes his shorts off, tosses them aside, and proudly goes and picks out a diaper. With the care a precision reserved for surgeons, he pulls off one tab on his diaper, all while singing "I got a bowling ball!" (a VERY wet diaper)and shaking his butt to make the now precariously perched diaper swing back and forth. Then he pulls the other side off, lays the diaper down and carefully rolls up his diaper and happily plops it in his grandmas hands (I am sure she was so excited for that gift). Watching him put the clean diaper on is something I don't know I can describe in words, but it involved a lot of toddler butt crack. Thankfully, once he completed what he set out to do, and after much convincing, he acquiesced to grandma making it presentable.

I really think that if he is smart enough to change his own diaper, he should be able to use a potty and pull underwear on and off. I fear we will be changing his diapers until he is 5. Unfortunately, this kid can't seem to be bribed (toy store, Disneyland, zoo, ice cream, movies, park...nothing works). Sigh...hopefully he will wake up one day soon and just decide he is too cool for diapers, and want his underwear. I can hope, right?

While this is going on, his 9 month old brother has been patiently watching his brother's antics, probably taking notes on the best ways to drive mommy nuts. Outwardly though, he was going to town chewing on one teether after another. Poor kid is teething practically his whole mouth full of teeth right now. More on him later :)

On a side note, if anyone wants to test the baby proofing of their home, we will happily rent him out, since he has managed to circumvent even the best baby proofing measures we could possibly take. If it can be gotten into, he will find a way.

I would post a picture of my toddler, but he moves too fast. Just a blur in all the pictures.

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