Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homemade Mozzarella Part II

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There can be many motivations for wanting to make homemade mozzarella.  Here is ours.  Homemade, from scratch pizza.  We make our dough from scratch.  Now, we make our cheese too!  Here is an example of what the pizzas look like with the mozzarella.  This one happens to be for my mother in law, its a cheese and zucchini pizza.  See the charred, bubbly goodness???  That is the product of my husband standing in the 90 degree weather in front of a BBQ at 10 am this morning cooking it.  The only better way to cook a pizza...wood fired pizza oven.  Someday.

Above is the pizza dough, freshly made this morning, just begging to be stretched into yummy pizza goodness.  When cooked on the BBQ, the crust is cracker-thin, bubbly, chewy, crispy, light, airy, and full of flavor.  The cheese....OMG, the homemade cheese melted incredible and was so much better than store bought.  Never will I buy store bought mozzarella again.

Here is the pizza before it goes out onto the BBQ.

Can you see it?  The monster bubbly on the back edge of the pizza??  Some may think that is not a good thing.  In our house...we fight over that piece!  Bubbles rock!

Overall, this morning was a very successful pizza making endeavor.  Until....we ran out of propane.  With one and a half pizzas left.  Tear :(  One had to be finished in the oven, and one had to be complete cooked in the oven.  The above picture is of the one that came out of the oven.  It still looks fine, but it just isn't the same charred, bubbly, smoky goodness of one off the BBQ.

I can't wait until we can get a pizza oven.  If anyone wants to donate to the "husband needs a pizza oven" fund, send me an email, and we can arrangement :)  Once we have one, I promise there will be weekly pizza block parties for anyone who wants to join!

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